How it Works

At INTNT, we put intelligence into your chat or voice bot to know what site visitors want.  Our proprietary models predict user intentions by analyzing conversations to develop and evolve bots faster.  Using the INTNT platform takes 20x less human intervention. Consequently, bots are smarter, and evolve 20x faster than if you relied on manual training.


Site visitors get frustrated for 2 reasons; the chatbot:

1. Gives the wrong answer.

2. Responds with – ‘Sorry I don’t understand.’


Errors have two causes; the chatbot doesn’t:

1. Understand the question.

2. know the answer.

Your Options

To resolve this issue providers can:

1. Train the bot with new training phrases.

2. Equip the bot with knowledge of intents.

There are two ways to train your bot:

The hard way, and the INTNT way

Step through our guide

Discover how to train your bot without the long hours of manual guesswork.


Solution A

Solution B


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