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AI Bots are your secret power to unlock deal conversion

By ian tomlin | Oct 02, 2021

AI Bots are your secret power to unlock deal conversion Cover Image

Customers love to use AI Bots to explore promotional deals — read more to find out how

Promotional deals are the lifeblood of e-commerce. Monthly or even daily discounts, vouchers and promos are standard. It’s a fun and ever-changing space. But Customers know that this space is also wrought with hidden terms and conditions. So, they want to find out more. And, if you have a chatbot in place, they will most often turn to your bot to answer their questions.

Our Analysis proves this. Questions about promotional deals invariably rank among the Top 3 reasons why customers use a bot.

It’s easy to understand why. Customers want to buy, but they have questions about the deal that they are being offered. These days no one reads the small text, phone calls are too taxing and live chat also takes time. A bot is the easiest, fastest, and most convenient medium.

However, bot managers find it difficult to get bots to answer questions properly. Promotional deals change all the time and it’s humanly impossible to update the knowledge base fast enough. As a result, users get the reply “Sorry I don’t understand…” or are sent to a generic link with a list of all the available promos. This in turn causes dissatisfaction and many dreaded “thumbs down”.

Difficult as it may be, it’s worth investing in them. Bots need to be able to handle questions about promotional deals because this will (a) increase the conversion rate and (b) reduce costly call and chat escalations to customer service.

At one of our Insurance Clients we see that when the Bot answers the user’s question correctly the conversion rate goes up by 35%. At another, smart tweaks to the intent recognition and to the answers give customers enough to make the decision to buy on their own, resulting in significantly fewer complaints and escalations.

Robby Lim, Digital Manager at Income, one of the largest insurance companies in Singapore and a client of INTNT.AI, said: “we identified questions about vouchers as a major source of missed intents. Once we knew that, it only took us a small tweak to the bot to reduce the email escalations significantly.”

This is what we do. At INTNT.AI we help bot managers quickly and regularly auto-train their bots to handle difficult and fast-changing questions using the INTNT.AI suite of tools.

But we are only scratching the surface. If customers use bots to answer questions about promotional deals, then how about recognising this clear underlying buying intent and use the bot’s conversational capabilities to nudge clients down the conversion funnel? Adding to that, since customers shop-around, why not put the bot on a messaging platform to run abandoned cart strategies?

It’s a brave new world. Give us a call if you want to know more.