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Bots are great - but only if they understand you

By Jude Tan | Dec 22, 2022

Bots are great - but only if they understand you Cover Image

Counselling chatbots useful but struggle to give personalised advice, handle suicide cases: NTU study | The Straits Times

"But the bots can still trip up when responding to poorly worded responses, or statements with nuanced meanings, such as suggesting a job as a neuroscientist after being told by a user that he “(felt) like dying now”.
Dr Martinengo said there is still some way for chatbots to bridge the gap, adding that many are still unable to understand broken English or nuanced language."

Chatbots have come a long way in delivering value to organizations. However, at the end of the day, bots still need to understand how humans communicate, and to be able to discern the intent-object within a statement, to be truly effective. This is something that we specialize in at INTNT. With our proprietary training models, we are able to detect and correct not just missed intents, but more importantly, false positives, the bane of the bot world. We increase the accuracy of bots using natural language expressions from typical industry standards of around 40% accuracy to well over 90%. More importantly, we have automated the process such that we removed 95% of the human load in training bots - needing only someone to review the results (as opposed to manually reviewing every utterance). And we deliver bots in various languages, trained to discern and understand local language nuances, and industry and company specific vernacular. Ping us to learn more.