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This Chatbot increased customer engagement by 50%

By manuel ho | Oct 01, 2021

This Chatbot increased customer engagement by 50% Cover Image

Turns out chatbots can delight customers — read more to find out how

INTNT.AI does smart bots. And when they are not smart, we train them to become smart. At the heart of what we do is a hybrid approach to understanding and recognising true user intent.

We believe we are the best at doing this.  But, as they say in Britain, the “proof is in the pudding!” At the end of the day, bots are only as good as they can truly help customers, in real life. This is something that 99% of the bots out there cannot claim to do.

At INTNT.AI we have a great track record. Case in point: the Genesis Frontier — Ichibankuji chatbot.

Ichibankuji is a brand of Bandai Spirits, which in turn is a subsidiary of Bandai Namco — the $7bn gaming group. The company focuses on the marketing and promotion of collectibles. It holds the rights to iconic brands such as Dragon Ball Z, Demon Slayer and Pokemon.

Its Singapore distributor — Genesis Frontier — appointed INTNT.AI to build its chatbot on WhatsApp. The objective was two-fold: (1) to automate and digitalise the entire customer engagement process and (2) ultimately, increase engagement and customer insight.

The results surpassed all expectations. The objectives were met in the first week. To this date customer engagement is >50% higher and, thanks to the bot’s customer insight, the company is producing many more titles aimed at the female segment.

Sharon Lee, MD of Genesis Frontier, said: “The chatbot boosted our customer relationship to a new level, it’s unlocking a whole range of new digital market opportunities”.

The key to achieving this result was a relentless focus on delivering to what customers want, i.e. their intent. And doing that in the fastest and simplest way.

This approach translated into a straightforward interface, simple journeys, and uncomplicated script. All brought to life on WhatsApp — the most used and available social messaging channel in Singapore. In summary, customers get what they want faster and through an infinitely more convenient medium. And they love it!

A few additional features helped the bot go further. The optical character reader module on WhatsApp and camera phone has proved to be very successful with young users. Usage went up by 15% since this feature was introduced.

We are extremely proud of these achievements. They showcase the value of recognising and acting on customer intent.