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What are Customer Service Chatbots?

By Jude Tan | Jan 05, 2023

What are Customer Service Chatbots? Cover Image

Chatbots help reduce customer service costs by providing automated assistance to customers around the clock, freeing up your customer service agents to handle more complex or high-priority tasks.

Customer service-oriented chatbots were originally designed to handle large volumes of simple, repetitive requests, reducing the overall workload of a customer service team and thus making customer service services more efficient.

Chatbots have since evolved into complex systems that integrate with companies' internal systems, increasing the spectrum of customer services that can provided by such chatbots. Coupled with truly intelligent, open text capabilities, AI bots are capable of providing human-like services, which encourages customers to use the AI bots as opposed to speaking with a live agent.

This further reduces the customer service headcount required by most businesses, whilst providing instant response and consistent customer services across a broad spectrum of customer requests, something that most service organisations struggle to do using call centers. Services include appointment bookings, billing and technical inquiries and even trading information, among others.

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