Curing sick bots - How we healed a major Healthcare Group's bots

Our client operates one of the world’s largest healthcare networks, with 82 hospitals in 10 countries.

Their Singapore subsidiary had invested heavily in chatbots, to improve customer service and to manage costs in terms of call centre overheads as they continued to aggressively expand their operations.

However, they soon faced issues with the performance of their bots, and the business outcomes they were supposed to produce.

Given our expertise in the design, development, and training of natural language AI bots, we were engaged to deliver on the following consultancy project:

A complete review of their bot(s) framework:

a) Data and systems audit

b) Gap analysis: where they were vs where they needed to be

c) Recommendations

d) The expected gains in CX and business outcomes to be realised

Best in class recommendations and actions taken:

a) Bot optimisation plan: what needed to be in place to optimise their bots from their current state to the expected future state

b) Periodic review and training of their knowledge base for the duration of the consultancy

c) The provision of tracking dashboards/reports to track their CX and business outcomes

d) Full review of results and discussion/definition of aspirational targets and medium-term goals post-consultancy