Growing with the world's largest AgriTech Group

As the world's largest AgriTech Group, the Group's 53,000 people across more than 100 countries strive every day to transform agriculture through tailor-made solutions for the benefit of farmers, society and our planet – making them the world's most local agricultural technology and innovation partner.

Given their footprint and their extensive range of products, ensuring that their staff, partners and clients have access to on-time and accurate localised product information has been a very real challenge to the Group, especially across various countries and their unique local crop requirements.

In most countries, field sales staff and distributors had to rely on an informal network of subject matter experts to supplement their sales support staff, which led to inconsistent knowledge transfer across their various branches.

We worked with the Group to identify a pilot country in which to launch a natural language AI chatbot in the local language - in this case Bangladeshi - to provide their field sales staff, distributors and farmers access to the consistent and up-to-date product and technical advice on the company's extensive range of products through WhatsApp.

The bot was formally launched as part of the Group's digital initiative in Bangladesh in 2022 and has shown promising results to date - it caters to all levels of users, understanding and responding to questions in their native language.

The bot delivers consistent, up to date knowledge to users, and reduces back-end support overheads.

After the pilot, the Group plans to launch this across multiple countries in their global footprint - in each country's own unique environment.

At INTNT we specialise in providing natural language bots in multiple languages. We train bots to recognise local slang (e.g., Singlish), and industry/company-specific vernacular, in order to deliver some of the most accurate Enterprise-grade bots in the world.