Playing the game right - the Bandai Spirit Ichibankuji lucky draw bot

Bandai Spirits is a subsidiary of Bandai-Namco, a $7bn Japanese toys and gaming company. Bandai Spirits focuses on the marketing and promotion of collectible figurines. They hold the rights to iconic brands such as Dragon Ball Z, Demon Slayer and Pokemon, and promote these titles’ collectibles through the IchibanKuji lucky draws and sales.

Bandai Spirits, through its Singapore representative Genesis Frontier, engaged INTNT to create an AI Bot over WhatsApp for Singapore and Malaysia. The objectives were to increase engagement and customer insight.

In close consultation with Bandai Spirits, we created and trained an AI bot that automates their lucky draw system, leading to 50% higher sales. The bot also helps promote various marketing initiatives.

Jump in Sales
Female customers

Our results:

Bandai Spirit’s objectives were met within the first week of launch. To date, sales of Ichibankuji have gone up by >50% as compared to their sales prior to the AI bot. We also provided Bandai Spirits real-time customer insights, including one that showed that 36% of their lucky draw customers were female. This led to the company producing more draws aimed at the female segment.

Powering on to the next phase:

We are now working with Bandai Spirits to further empower their AI bot, including the ability to nudge dormant customers, and to better identify individual customer purchase patterns for segmentation and targeting.

We continue to be very close partners with Bandai Spirits in their expansion into the Asian markets, with the next market being Indonesia.