Cut Call Transfers

The challenge with chat and voice bots is that when they fail to service customer needs your business suffers the double-hit of negative brand impact and the cost of paying call center agents to pick up the call.

*All figures quoted in this article have been sourced from 2021 case stories in the financial service sector.

‘INTNT-ENGINE has turned our bot around with escalation to live chat dropping from 21% to 6%.’
Andy Leong, Senior Product Manager FWD Insurance

When bots let your customer experience down

You know the problem

Chatbots aren’t born clever.  To have them respond to online enquiries in the way you’d really want them to, you have to train the to learn how to respond to enquirers based on the learning lessons you see through data.

Shortcut the drudgery of bot training and save IT dollars

Your customers deserve the best quality service and have their needs met, every time. Our software helps increase customer satisfaction by up to three-times compared to levels achieved using manually trained bots*.​

How our solution works

Our AI training helps bots understand what your customers want through linguistic and contextual cues, so they can reliably guide them towards the desired outcome, wherever they are in their customer journey.

Save on manual training time & costs

Our training is a more economical solution compared to training bots manually, saving your agents’ time and providing even more reliable outcomes.

The solution

With INTNT-ENGINE training, expect to see a dramatic cut in call deflections.​ Case studies show using AI powered analytics from INTNT, businesses can reduce call transfers from bots by as much as 70%*.