INTNT Enterprise GPT

How it might work for your organisation

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At INTNT, we leverage the latest in Large Language Models like GPT to provide our clients with Enterprise-grade omni-channel chatbots across websites and instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

What makes our INTNT Enterprise GPT special?

Our INTNT Enterprise GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language model is specifically designed and optimized for enterprise applications. The main difference between a standard GPT and our INTNT Enterprise GPT model is the level of customization and training that we put into the model in order to tailor it to the specific needs of our client enterprises.

1. Our INTNT Enterprise GPT model can be trained on large amounts of domain-specific data,

Customer service logs

Financial reports

Product specifications

Website Content

2. Our INTNT Enterprise GPT model achieves significantly higher levels of accuracy as compared to the rest of industry, by using our own proprietary training algorithms. This makes our INTNT Enterprise GPT model an incredibly valuable tool for providing...

Personalized customer service

Internal staff training

Improved sales engagement

Generating insights from large data sets

3. Our Enterprise GPT model also offers greater control and security than a standard GPT. Since the model is trained and managed in-house using our training platform (either in our or in our clients’ environment), we can ensure that our clients’ data and intellectual property are protected, and that the model we use is compliant with any relevant regulations or industry standards.

What differentiates our INTNT Enterprise GPT Model

1. Need to train for domain-specific knowledge

2. Need to generate actionable intents

3. Need to control customer data

In summary, our INTNT Enterprise GPT bots are

  • Trained on our client's specific domain knowledge
  • Able to create actionable intents
  • Protected - no data is shared with any 3rd party vendors, e.g., Open.AI

Grow fast

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