Chatbots and voicebots can add tremendous value to any business. However, it’s only possible with the right training.


Switch your chat/voice bots to auto-learn query intent using NLP and artificial intelligence

Are you still training your bots manually?  How’s that working out for you?  Here’s how our AI -powered SaaS platform can help:

Reduce call transfers

With INTNT-ENGINE training, expect to see a dramatic cut in call deflections.​ Case studies show using AI-powered analytics from INTNT, businesses can reduce call transfers from bots by as much as 70%*.

Elevate brand experience

Your customers deserve the best quality service and have their needs met, every time. Our chatbot training software helps increase customer satisfaction by up to three-times compared to levels achieved using manually trained bots*.​

Boost outcomes

Our AI training helps chatbots and voicebots understand what your customers want through linguistic and contextual cues, so they can reliably guide them towards the desired outcome, wherever they are in their customer journey.

Save on manual training time & costs

Our training is a more economical solution compared to training AI bots manually, saving your agents’ time and providing even more reliable outcomes.

Grow sales lead volumes

Ads are an expensive way to source a sales lead. It makes sense to focus on harnessing inbound opportunities and to focus on your existing customers. With INTNT-ENGINE™ you can avoid missed intents by as much as 85%* and grow your sales lead volumes from inbound enquiries.

*All figures quoted in this article have been sourced from 2021 case stories in the financial service sector.

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Auto-train your bots with INTNT-ENGINE

Boost Conversion Rate

Bots trained by us offer a smooth, personalized assistance throughout the customer journey, from acquiring leads to increasing conversions.

24/7 Automated Support

Chatbots will better understand customers’ requests and are able to provide instant support, solving problems reliably and efficiently, 24/7.

Lower Bot Training Costs

Our AI training is automated, therefore it lets you cut chatbot training overhead costs by 95%, and allows your team to focus on more important tasks.

Grow Sales Leads

Turn your bot into a lead generating engine. We boost sales leads by over 80% by training bots to help meet enquirer needs, turning them into customers.

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