Whatever you sell on Shopify and
WooCommerce sell via WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook

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Turn your social media messaging channels into shopping channels with our AI-powered bots

Cut the manual overhead from transacting business on social messaging channels, including:

Sell to the places your customers go!

Take your shopping experience to social media messaging platforms – including WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger – and grow your sales!

Offer a 24/7 anywhere, anytime shopping experience while cutting abandoned shopping carts

Never miss another sales opportunity due to opening hours / and (auto) follow-up on enquiries to minimise cart abandonment levels

Zero install overhead

A comprehensive ready-to-deploy shopping experience for your social messaging channels that doesn’t require in-house expertise before, during or after deployment

Be data driven

Leverage insights from your messaging shopping channels to keep your finger on the pulse and pick up new ways to serve customers better

Deliver an above and beyond customer experience

Deliver an upscale customer experience—achieving a quality standard that larger retailers and eCommerce sites would envy!

Run lean

As your business grows, your back-office support costs don’t have to, thanks to 24/7 chatbot service and support for customers!

*All figures quoted in this article have been sourced from 2021 case stories in the financial service sector.

Consider how much more you could sell if you were able to extend your shop to messaging channels to create a seamless, painless, always-on service.

Fuelled by Covid-19 home shopping, European eCommerce has jumped 30% and the UK market is set to hit US $104bn in revenue in 2021, a 7% increase in a year.

It doesn’t matter where your customer are when you can service their buying wants 24/7 online sales via popular channels like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

billion people use social media


access websites through a mobile device

billion use Facebook (followed by WhatsApp)

How it works

Shoppers on their favourite social messaging channels

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Your products in your online WooCommerce store

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Which option is right for you?


Option 1 – Facebook Messenger and Instagram for Business
A ready-to-play chatbot solution enabling you to extend your reach, engage with ease, stay in touch, track shopper behaviours and never lose a customer on WhatsApp.

Option 2 – WhatsApp for Business
Our WhatsApp messaging option means you can dedicate your shopping solution to WhatsApp, or extend your existing solutions to include Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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Step through the features

Extend your reach

Brings your storefront right to the customer’s phone over WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other messenger platforms

Engage with ease

Jump into the chat with your customers anytime they want to speak to you directly

Stay in touch

Connect with shoppers regularly via messenger updates and promotions − keep updated on shopper interests via timely reports (based on their interactions with your chatbot)

Never miss out on sales

Allows you to employ abandoned cart strategies – by pushing coupons and incentives to customers who leave the purchase journey half-way

Track shopper behaviours

Tracks and synchronizes your inventory and sales in real-time (no stock outs) and allows you to see what is popular

Simplify your shopping experience

Shoppers can browse, purchase and have their goods shipped – all via messenger

Get your WooCommerce store connected today!