We train chatbots and voice bots to know what your customers want

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Create 24/7 customer service that delivers outstanding results

Our platform predicts user intentions by  systematically analysing conversations and predictably interpreting not just what enquirers say, but why they say it.

Cut call transfers


of calls deflected


Boost experiences


cut in missed intents


Grow sales results


growth in outcomes


Figures based on actual case stories in the insurance sector reported in 2020/21 compared to manually trained robots

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“With INTNT-ENGINE, user engagement levels shot up by 55%.”

Sharon Lee, GM, Ichibankuji Singapore

“INTNT-ENGINE has turned our bot around. Our escalation to live-chat has dropped from 21% to 6% while customer satisfaction has increased from 1 to 4 out of 5 star.”

Andy Leong, Senior Product Manager, FWD Insurance

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Why chatbots make poor customers service agents

Our INTNT-ENGINE trains chatbots to pick up conversational tells to interpret the enquirer need. It brings empathy and intelligence to bot dialogue.

It’s the kind of customer experience you’ll want to deliver to all clients 24/7.  In just 6 weeks, we train your bots to deliver a brand experience to be proud of.

With INTNT-ENGINE you can:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Bring 24/7 service to your enterprise
  • Cut bot training overheads by 95%
  • Make sales leads from inbound chat

High Performing Chatbots and Voice Bots for Insurance Companies

While INTNT-ENGINE serves the need of any enterprise, our biggest customer audience today comes in the form of large insurance companies looking to cut deflected calls, boost customer experience, and grow their sales.

Reasons to Use INTNT-ENGINE

Boost Conversion Rate

Bots trained by us offer a smooth, personalized assistance throughout the customer journey, from acquiring leads to increasing conversions.

24/7 Automated Support

Chatbots will better understand customers’ requests and are able to provide instant support, solving problems reliably and efficiently, 24/7.

Lower Bot Training Costs

Our AI training is automated, therefore it lets you cut chatbot training overhead costs by 95%, and allows your team to focus on more important tasks.

Grow Sales Leads

Turn your bot into a lead generating engine. We boost sales leads by over 80% by training bots to help meet enquirer needs, turning them into customers.

Introducing Social Shopper

Fuelled by Covid-19 home shopping, European eCommerce has jumped 30% and the UK market is set to hit US $104bn in revenue in 2021, a 7% increase in a year.

Consider how much more you could sell if you were able to extend your shop to messaging channels to create a seamless, painless, always-on shopping service.

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