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At INTNT, we believe that machines should understand you, and not the other way around

Using our patented INTNT engine, we develop and train human-like AI chatbots to understand and interact with stakeholders in the language and vernacular of their choice, just as they would with a human being. We specialise in building and training hybrid generative AI bots, which typically combine two or more different types of AI algorithms to create a more sophisticated and versatile system for our customers. This allows our INTNT Enterprise AI Bots to handle a wider range of queries, to produce more natural responses, and to perform transactions.

By leveraging our expertise in the fields of


Natural language processing/understanding, and


Generative AI

We deliver

Deep and natural customer journeys

Engineer advanced transactional features in AI bots

By doing this, we help businesses such as yours to


Effectively promote your products and services


Interact and transact


Answer various questions (ask me anything)


Take or schedule various follow up actions

with your customers, employees, and business partners

We are the best in market

We have built deep language competencies in various vertical markets, especially in the fintech and healthtech segments, and our results speak for themselves

How do we do it?

We use AI to accelerate the bot Machine Learning cycle by over 20x. All in a production-ready package designed to be operated by Customer Service teams.

Scalable ML System

Continuous integration and deployment of model updates and optimisation parameters

Automated Training Effort

Continuous and automated log analysis for model training

Workflow managed by CS teams

Bot training management platform designed for CS staff; no PhDs required

Our approach makes bot training a breeze

Easy data integration

Simply upload your anonymised logs and knowledge base

Automated Log error detection

Automatically detect False Positives and False Negatives using our patent-pending INTNT.ENGINE NLP

Simple knowledge base management

Designed for Customer service officers. No PhDs required.

Insource bot training to your Customer Service Officers

Easy to understand

Short and basic workflow specifically designed for busy Customer Service teams

Simple to solve

Fast and painless tools to create answers and training phrases


Transformers-based models prevent users from creating overlapping intents

We work with any bot platform

Ready to get started?

Whether you sell on Instagram, whatsapp or on any other social media. INTNT has you covered. See a demo. It’s free!!

E-commerce NLP on Instagram Image

E-commerce NLP on Instagram

Equity trading bot on WhatsApp Image

Equity trading bot on WhatsApp

Bot trainer platform Image

Sales training bot